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From our earliest beginnings, TFS was founded on the concept of a greater good, that through education – and most especially a bilingual education – we make the world around us a better place.

Each year, the TFS community helps us deliver on our mission, by generously giving to the school. Thanks to the support of our donors, TFS students receive an exceptional education.

Tuition fees cover basic operating costs, but as an independent school and a not-for-profit charitable organization, we also rely on the financial support of our parents, staff, alumni and friends to ensure we remain at the forefront of educational excellence. Whether it is building dedicated Learning Forum spaces for students at each branch, developing an entrance scholarship program, or funding a myriad of program enhancements, philanthropy has a significant impact on our students. It is the difference between a great experience and an extraordinary one.

Our supporters help provide us with the means to deliver an education that is unique and outstanding. The dedication of our families, alumni, staff and volunteers enables us to reach higher and provide the programs, spaces and resources we need to nurture and prepare students to lead and contribute in a complex world.

Whether your gift is large or small, whether you donate your time, treasure or talents, we are all capable of nurturing a spirit of giving and creating an environment in which everyone is engaged and involved.

This year, in support of this vision, we have a range of very specific priorities that will enhance all branches and, with your support, will be actioned this summer so as to have an immediate impact on our students’ educational lives.

Creating inspiring spaces for teaching, learning and play.

  • Upgrading the Junior School main floor classrooms to create more flexible spaces that will better allow for both collaborative and independent learning, and maximize opportunities for student engagement.
  • Renovating the Senior School physics and chemistry labs to provide even better opportunities for teaching and learning.
  • Enhancing the gym and stage at La p’tite école to create a more functional and engaging space for students, whether taking part in sports or assemblies.
  • Renovating the grounds and greening the West Campus to bring more enjoyment to students’ learning and play, and even more pride to the community.

Providing innovative learning tools to all branches to nurture student growth and skill development.

  • Supporting differentiated learning in the classroom through new tools including standing desks, noise-blocking headphones, hanging white boards and wobble chairs.
  • Enriching assemblies and student presentations by providing mobile screens and projectors.
  • Improving the athletics infrastructure with an investment in a protective net for the Play & Sports Field, as well as more basketball nets.

Changing a life and enriching the TFS community through the Entrance Scholarship program.

  • Providing full scholarships to talented, high achieving students entering Grade 7 who could not otherwise afford to attend TFS.

Growing the Bursary Fund to support current TFS families in crisis.

  • Offering short-term financial assistance to current families experiencing financial difficulties.

Why does giving matter to TFS? Because our students’ education matters.

TFS Foundation Registered Charitable No: 11925 9455 RR0001

For more information on giving and
how you can support TFS, please contact
the Office of Advancement & Alumni Relations.

416-484-6533 ext. 4250