TFS Parents

Parents of our students are integral to the vibrancy and success of TFS. We rely on them as partners in their children’s educational journeys. Their involvement as volunteers, donors, organizers and members of TFS’ Board of Directors is an important part of what makes our school a true community.

Parents can take part in life at TFS in so many ways! They act as class representatives and judges at debating tournaments and the Senior School Science Fair. They are inevitably recruited to help with the culinary adventure of International Day, or to volunteer during the Winter Carnival, and they exemplify citizen skills by supporting students' toy and food drives for those less fortunate.

All parents and caregivers of students at TFS are members of the Parents’ Association and are welcome to attend the monthly general meetings of the PA Council. One of the core mandates of the PA is to raise funds to purchase educational materials and for other special initiatives, through events such as Pizza Lunches, the annual Fun Fair in Toronto and the Barbeque at the West Campus. They also support dozens of branch and school-wide activities, from Terry Fox Spirit Day to Halloween and Valentine’s Day celebrations and more.

At the beginning of each school year, the PA sends out an orientation package to all TFS families that includes information on meeting dates, events, committees and contact information for all PA Council members.

New members are always welcome to join the PA Council!

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