Early Years

A world of delight and discovery awaits the youngest children at TFS. 

The Jardin d'éveil, our French-language program for two year olds, was started in the 2010-2011 school year and has been a resounding success.

Situated in a former residential home on the property of our Toronto campus, the Jardin d'éveil was designed to stimulate learning through a range of play activities. Social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development is intrinsic to the program.

In the Jardin orange room, children are encouraged to participate in sensory activities at the sand, water and music tables, prompting discovery through play. They can also spend time observing creatures in recreated natural habitats, such as fish and snails.

The Jardin bleu room allows children to explore learning centres such as dress-up and drama, play house, construction and building blocks. This helps with their social development and ability to cooperate, as they learn to live and play together.

Independent exploration and learning to problem-solve occur in the Jardin jaune room. Stocked with logic-building toys and puzzles, it allows children to experiment to find solutions and encourages the development of critical-thinking skills.

To build healthy bodies and develop gross motor skills, just outside the walls of the Jardin d'éveil  sit play structures, such as a jungle gym, play school bus, riding toys, a sandbox and more. Allowing for physical activity no matter the time of year is the Jardin vert room, a large space in the former residence converted into an indoor playground, ensuring active play time can be scheduled each and every school day.

If you want your child to continue at TFS in the academic program, starting in Pre-Kindergarten at age 3, please contact the Admissions Department for assessment requirements and more.

Jardin d'éveil

Learn more about our French-language Program for two-year olds, including a sample of daily activities.

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