Grades 2-5

Once students move into Grade 2 (CE1), they transition from La p’tite école into the Junior School on the Toronto campus or move into a new wing of the West Campus.

Students in these grades continue learning the curricula of the Ministry of Education of Ontario, the Ministry of Education of France and the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization.

The IB is a high-quality program of international education. Its PYP program is introduced to our students starting in Pre-Kindergarten (Petite section) and continues to the end of Grade 5 (CM2). It follows an inquiry-based model of learning.

English language discovery

In Grade 2 (CE1), students begin to receive extensive instruction in the English language. Our English program is based on the Ontario curriculum, but goes far beyond its scope. The purpose is to immerse students in the language in many ways and forms. Children create journals, storyboards, use mind mapping and other techniques to engage with the language, fostering acquisition, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Thanks to the language skills they already possess from learning French, students in each grade, from 2 (CE1) through 5 (CM2), are taught at one grade above, e.g., Grade 4 (CM1) English is taught at the Grade 5 (CM2) level. And the results are in: TFS students consistently perform in the 98th or 99th percentile for English on the Canadian Test of Basic Skills.

Bringing academics into a wider realm

As students mature, aspects of the curriculum lend themselves to a wider approach to learning. For instance, introducing studies on children’s rights provides opportunities to develop leadership skills; students address the issue with their younger or older peers at a school assembly using a multi-media presentation they produce themselves.

Similarly, students embark on more specific field trips, and beginning in Grade 3, on overnight trips. This link to the real world is a key aspect of the PYP and cements knowledge and understanding of subject matter in a way that cannot be achieved by classroom learning alone.

Academic Programs at a Glance

TFS provides its students with a blend of three distinguished curricula - the best of France and Ontario and the full continuum of International Baccalaureate programs:

We also offer a French-language program for two year olds, called Jardin d’éveil.

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