TFS Students Embodied the Principles of Citizenship During Empathy Week

Mar 01, 2017

TFS students celebrated Empathy Week at the Senior School, an event that embodied the principles of citizenship by developing an understanding of and commitment to social justice, and fighting against discrimination. Students took part in six days of activities designed to create inclusive space and raise awareness and understanding around a range of issues facing our youth today.

Empathy Week’s initiatives included a visit from The Get Real Movement, a group of university students from across Canada who speak to high school students about unlearning LGBTQ discrimination and bullying, and creating an inclusive environment for every student.

TFS staff and students also walked the halls in their pink attire in celebration of Pink Shirt Day, an initiative to end bullying.  

Another highlight of the week was a “give what you can and take what you need” board display. Students were invited to place words of kindness, love and encouragement on the board, and those who were in need of a boost or more support were invited to take a message or word.

Finally, the cafeteria’s cup sleeves displayed messages of self-love and self-care such as “you are enough” and “you are more than your achievements.”

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