TFS Students Host A Successful CAIS National Student Leadership Conference

May 15, 2017

TFS hosted the annual CAIS Student Leadership Conference at the Senior School this April, and welcomed 139 students from across Canada.

With a focus on “finding your roots” as individuals and citizens, students participated in a variety of activities aimed at cultivating identity, advocating pluralism, inspiring connections and sustaining engagement.

They heard inspirational talks from motivational speakers, including Anne-Marie Kee (Executive Director of CAIS), Dr. David Lepofsky (lawyer and disability advocate), Shannon Thunderbird (First Nations artist, author and educator), Sandy Horne (songwriter and musician), Desmond Cole (journalist and author), the Honorable Dr. John Godfrey (Special Advisor, Ministry of Environment on Climate Change), Jim Harris (Environmental Leadership), Marc-André Blanchard (Canadian Ambassador and Permanent Rep. to the UN), Scott Hammell (magician), Dr. Emily Urquhart (author) and keynote speaker Emmanuel Jal (former child soldier, political activist and singer).

Over the past year, the entire TFS community came together to ensure the success of this conference. Throughout the process, our four student leaders were incredibly supported by their peers, staff from all branches, and the families within our community. They were deeply moved and extremely grateful to have been so supported and are aware that they could not have done this without community engagement. Thank you to everyone who participated to the events and contributed to this great event.

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