Student Life

What is it like to be a student at TFS?

We would say students at TFS are energetic and engaged, nurtured and supported, always involved and never bored.Surrounded by our international community of staff and fellow students, our students are given comprehensive opportunities to pursue their interests and passions, develop skills and meet new friends.

Co-curriulars and Clubs

Co-curriculars and clubs are wildly popular. During the younger grades these can include Mandarin lessons, musical theatre in French, robotics and road hockey, to name a few. At the Senior School, the 50-plus student-led clubs include Debating, in French and English, and Model UN, Outreach and the Globe environmental clubs, the Math Team and Programming clubs, video journalism and the student paper.


Physical and Health Education are part of the curriculum up to Grade 9 and offered until Grade 12. Both skating and swimming instruction are part of the early years’ curriculum, with swimming continuing until Grade 9. Complementing the curriculum is a wide range of intramural and co-curricular activities.
Athletics are integral to student life at TFS. The TFS Cougars encompass more than 50 competitive sports teams across both campuses and include individual and team sports. TFS teams play against teams from other independent schools.


Leadership begins in Grade 1 and expands with each advancing grade. Programs include leadership committees in Grade 5 and many opportunities for more senior students to become peer role models, mentors, club leaders, House Heads, members of student government and more. Students can also engage in community service at home and abroad through class activities, clubs and optional trips.


The arts abound everywhere at TFS. In addition to studying visual arts, music and drama, the arts are integrated into almost every class or subject. They also play a major role in co-curricular activities and clubs. Seasonal concerts, plays, musicals, other performances and the annual art show are not to be missed.

Trips and Exchanges

Trips allow our students to explore the wider world. Trips off-site start in Grade 2. These popular excursions become longer and stretch from the arctic to the United States, South America and Europe as students develop and grow.

  • Overnight trips from Grade 3 and up
  • Leadership camps in Grades 4 & 5
  • Cultural overnight trips starting in Grade 6
  • Outward Bound programs beginning in Grade 8 (Level I)
  • Travel abroad also starting in Grade 8 (Level I)

Student Support

Individual support for our students is important at TFS. Our Learning Forum, Guidance Department, psychoeducational consultants, resource teachers and others are on hand to provide support. Working closely with teachers and administrators, they ensure students are happy, healthy and well-informed. By the time students graduate from TFS, we want them to be outstanding young adults ready to take on the world.