Leadership Opportunities

Learning at TFS includes learning to lead. Leadership development is not only encouraged, but embedded in activities throughout TFS.

Junior leaders

New this school year, the House system has been introduced to students in the Junior School (Grades 2 through 5). Similar to the long-established House system at the Senior School (described below), students in the Junior School are assigned to a House to develop relationships across grades and build school spirit.

Leadership programs at the Junior School are incorporated throughout the Grade 5 school year. Each year the program varies; however, it always involves raising awareness about issues of social justice and includes a fundraising campaign for a local charity. 

West Campus student role models

Unique to our West Campus, students in Grades 6 and 7 are part of the Community Service and Leadership Program. Fifteen hours of school-community service and leadership activities are required from each student. The goal is to have these students become role models for their younger peers. This can take the form of running lunchtime games, being a member of the outreach group, or volunteering to help teachers conduct co-curricular activities.

Leveraging Senior School leadership opportunities

The Senior School offers numerous diverse opportunities for students to lead, no matter the grade. In fact, leadership and co-curricular activities at the Senior School are supported full-time by our Dean of Student Affairs.

The Conseil des délégués is a junior student council made up of elected representatives from each Grade 6 and 7 class. They form the official liaison between homeroom classes and staff, and plan events throughout the year.

WEB – Where Everybody Belongs – is a middle school transition program for students new to the Senior School, such as new Grade 6 or 7 students, or Level I’s from the West Campus. WEB Leaders are at the heart of the program. Students in Grades 8 and 9 (Levels I and II) who are selected to become WEB Leaders receive training to become year-long mentors to new students.

From Grade 8 to 10, students can take part in Outward Bound programs. Leadership is an integral part of each of these three wilderness excursions.

Students in Grades 8 through 12 can also run for the Student Council. The 15-member council communicates students’ concerns to the wider student body during assemblies and to school administrators.

All students in the Senior School are assigned to a House, with each House made up of students spanning all Senior School grades. The 12 House Heads are elected Grade 11 or 12 (Level IV or V) students who embody school spirit at TFS, and who organize and run key events such as the much-anticipated Spirit Week.

Most of the Senior School’s major clubs and organizations are led by one of 19 Prefects, all elected Grade 11 and 12 (Level IV and V) students. Two of the Prefects are elected annually to be TFS’ Head Boy and Head Girl, the school’s highest-ranking student leaders. Students also have the opportunity to be captains of athletic teams or to act as peer mentors.

No matter which leadership role a student chooses to fulfill, stepping up, taking the lead and engaging their peers in the life of the school is an ongoing and proud tradition at TFS!

Leadership Opportunities Abound Across Both Campuses

How Leaders Are Made At TFS
How Leaders are Made at TFS