A week of festivities to honour the Class of 2022

What an emotional graduation week for our Class of 2022. From May 24 to 27, the soon-to-be graduates participated in a series of celebrations in anticipation of their official graduation ceremony.
On Friday, May 27, the 70 students of the Class of 2022 received their diplomas from the Head of School, in front of an audience of their families, as well as their teachers. Demonstrating their academic excellence, all of our grads were named Ontario Scholars and 90% had averages of 90% or above. As well, 96% of the graduating class is expected to receive a bilingual IB diploma, while 85% are eligible to receive the advanced IB bilingual diploma. We are so proud of them.

Though this ceremony was the highlight of the celebrations, the rest of the week was no less exciting. At the traditional Red Tie Luncheon on Tuesday, our graduates were welcomed into the TFS alumni family. They ceremoniously removed the red tie they had received at the beginning of the school year and replaced it with the alumni pin, symbolizing the beginning of a new phase in their lives and a new relationship with their school. 

The next day, they were invited with their parents and teachers to the Head's Dinner in honour of the families of the graduating class to share, one last time before their departure, a convivial meal together. This gave our grads the chance to thank their parents through heartfelt, handwritten letters. 

Friday morning marked the return of the Grad Walk after a two year hiatus. Led in a procession by a bagpiper and their principals, our graduates walked through each branch on campus, to the cheers of all the students, staff and parents, revisiting the places where so many of them grew up.

Finally, once officially graduated, the Class of 2022 did not miss out on that concluding, important ritual - the prom - which gave them the opportunity to end this most celebratory week on the dance floor! 

Congratulations to our Class of 2022!