All-Round Development

Assemblies, Societies and Clubs

Assemblies, held at each branch, are theme- and values-based, making a positive contribution to students’ self-development and encouraging them to reflect upon TFS values.
Content-rich and age-appropriate, assemblies provide essential, dedicated time for learning about contemporary, thought-provoking issues and events that are school-based, local and international. Assemblies heighten the awareness of the needs of others, raise self-esteem, and create a sense of purpose and unity within the TFS community.


Our Senior School students participate in TFS societies, focusing on the themes found within UNESCO’s Citizenship Education program.
Through societies, our students develop an understanding of global governance structures, rights and responsibilities, global issues and connections between global, national and local systems and processes. They learn to recognize and appreciate difference and multiple identities (e.g. culture, language, religion, gender) and focus on our common humanity.
They develop and apply important skills for civic literacy, such as critical inquiry, media literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving. Working and learning together, they develop attitudes of care and empathy for others and the environment.
They develop values of fairness and social justice, and skills to critically analyze inequalities that people face worldwide.
Through partnerships with non-governmental organizations, they actively take on contemporary global issues at local, national and global levels as informed, engaged and responsible global citizens.

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  • Example of Societies

    • About Face (subvertizing)
    • American Sign Language (in partnership with the Bob Rumball Centre)
    • Animal Welfare
    • Because I’m a Girl
    • Black Excellence Society
    • Capitalize for Kids
    • HOSA - Health Occupations Students of America
    • Phidippides/Triathlon
    • Radio TFS
    • Reading Buddies (partnership with P’tite école)
    • Robotics
    • Shift Right! Car Mechanics and Ownership Responsibilities
    • Yoga
    • And many more...

Students at the Senior School can choose from more than 50 student-led clubs.
Speaking their mind: our debating and public speaking team has a strong reputation, and the Model United Nations (MUN) club has sent delegates to seminars and competitions in Toronto, at Yale University, and at the United Nations in New York.
Musical interludes: music includes wind and string ensembles, jazz and percussion ensembles and guitar clubs. Our ensembles compete at the Kiwanis Festival, MusicFest Canada and the Ontario Band Association, while individuals participate in the Canadian Independent Schools’ Music Festival.
Drama, dance and more: budding actors and dancers can participate in the school’s annual drama or musical, and older students have the opportunity to perform their original works at school and at festivals.
The annual Fashion Show and Dance Show, organized by students, showcase their creativity through design, movement and choreography. Both events raise funds for a non-profit in the community.
English And French Speaking Competitions: public speaking experiences include TFS’ annual Verse and Prose (English) and Art Oratoire (French) competitions; speakers also attend the national Poetry in Voice competition each year.
Journalists-in-training: students can write, submit photography and more while working for the school newspaper, Limited Edition, and the yearbook.
Math Contests: students in each grade level can practise for and write major national exams, including Gauss, Fryer, Galois, Hypatia, Euclid or Rallye Maths, and are frequently recognized for their strong standings.