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Appointed by the Board of Directorsthe Head of School leads and guides all aspects of TFS. He is supported by Head's Council which includes a Deputy Head, a Chief Financial Officer, Principals and Directors who lead the different functions within the school. The members of Head's Council share a passion for the mission and vision of the school and work closely together and with the talented staff at TFS to create an exceptional learning environment for students.
Head of School

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  • Norman Gaudet

    Head of School
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Academic Leadership

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  • Jean-Bastien Urfels

    Deputy Head
    Principal, Senior School
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  • Alexandre Ferrand

    Principal, Junior School
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  • Ann François

    Principal, La p'tite école
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  • Davy Marques

    Principal, West Campus
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  • Daniel Cohen

    Executive Director of the Learning Forum
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  • Aurélie Lossouarn

    Executive Director, Citizenship and Global Education
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  • Tamara Smith

    Director of Stewardship, Service and Sustainability
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Administrative Leadership

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  • Gabriel Bérard

    Executive Director, People and Culture
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  • Shyrose Janmohamed

    Chief Financial Officer
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  • Susan Markle

    Executive Director, Community Engagement and Enrolment

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  • Ronan Le Guern

    Director, Marketing and Communications
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  • Gord Mickovski

    Executive Director, Facilities
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  • Bob Tarle

    Executive Director, Innovation and Technology
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Foundation Leadership

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  • Cathy Yanosik

    President, TFS Foundation
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  • Jill Cannon

    Executive Director, Philanthropy
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