Entrance Scholarship Program

TFS will award scholarships to incoming students in Grade 7 and above who demonstrate high academic standing, involvement in their school and/or community, as well as financial need. As this is a full-tuition scholarship, we define financial need as a family’s inability to pay for any part of TFS’ tuition fees.

Entrance Scholarships are renewable every year until graduation, if the student maintains an average of 80% and meets the conditions noted below.

Students do not need to speak French to apply for Grade 7 scholarships, but must be keenly interested in becoming bilingual. Students older than Grade 8 must be fluent in French.

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 scholarships and encourage students who are seeking an exceptional education to apply. Applying is easy, and TFS will support you at every stage.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Who should apply?

    • Students who will be entering Grade 7 or above in September 2018 and who don’t currently attend TFS.
    • Please note: scholarships are intended for domestic applicants only, defined as students living in Canada at the time of application. It is the responsibility of the family to obtain any visa/permits necessary to live and study in Canada.
    • Entrance Scholars will be selected based on academic merit, involvement in school-related and/or community activities and financial need. We define financial need as a family’s inability to pay for any part of TFS’ tuition fees.
    • Students currently in immersion or French schools can apply, as well as those in English-language schools (up to Grade 7). Grade 7 entrance scholars who are not fluent in French will enter our special Intro program for the first year, which follows the regular curriculum but with a special focus on language acquisition.
  • How can a student apply?

    We are happy to help candidates through the application process. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions or require assistance.

    We are currently accepting applications for September 2018. Students should:

    • Complete the Entrance Scholarship application, including the personal statement letter.
    • Submit their most recent report card and the previous two years’ final reports. The academic record should demonstrate a minimum A average. Include any special awards or records of achievement.
    • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation. These can be from a teacher, school administrator, coach or other adult (non-family member) who is knowledgeable about the student’s strengths, accomplishments, special interests and potential.
    • Write the SSAT and SSAT Character Skills Snapshot. When registering for a testing date, use TFS – Canada’s International School’s ID number, 7685, to ensure results are sent to us.
    • Send the Confidential School Report to their current school to be completed and forwarded directly to TFS.
    • Submit the financial assessment application to Apple Financial by December 31 (completed by parents).
    • Write the TFS entrance French test, if currently in a French program.
    • Attend a personal interview with the Scholarship Committee.
  • Why TFS?

    • As the pioneer of French immersion in Canada, TFS provides an exceptional bilingual education that is academically rigorous and balanced. Our students graduate fully bilingual in French and English, and obtain the internationally recognized IB Diploma; many students opt to complete the bilingual IB Diploma. The IB is renowned for its inquiry-based approach and breadth and depth of subjects. It provides students with a hands-on learning experience, connected to the real world, and gives them an advanced foundation, ensuring they receive a well-rounded education.
    • Renowned for our strength in academics and languages, TFS also offers a wealth of co-curricular activities, sports and arts. Our students become friends for life, and in our co-educational environment, boys and girls learn teamwork, teambuilding and cooperative behaviour together. TFS prepares its students to enter the university and career of their choice, while becoming engaged citizens of the world.
    • Consistent with TFS’ yearly results, 100% of our graduates of 2017 were distinguished as Ontario Scholars (averages of 80%+) and 75% had averages above 90%. Seventy-eight percent received a grade of five or above (out of seven) on their Higher Level IB diploma courses, giving them advanced standing in those courses at university. 
    • In addition to exemplary academics, these graduates spent 7,100 hours volunteering in the community over the two Diploma Program years. Not surprisingly, 100% received university offers of choice, with an impressive total of $2.3 million earned in scholarship offers, an amount garnered primarily from entrance scholarships, which are based on academic grades. 
  • Details, Terms and Conditions

    • The scholarships includes tuition, uniform, books and incidental fees for each year until graduation.
    • Scholarship candidates must meet the academic criteria, have demonstrated involvement in school and/or community life and require financial support in order to be considered.
    • The scholarships will be awarded at the end of February 2018, based on the scholarship committee’s criteria. The scholarship recipients must re-apply to Apple Financial each year in order to re-qualify. They are also required to maintain a minimum 80% overall grade average each year and actively participate in school life. The one-time initial registration fee will be waived.
    • The entrance scholars will be asked to reflect on their experience at TFS, and participate in scholarship-related events and marketing materials.
    • Scholarship funds are limited and the school has a duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure their correct allocation.
    • Applicants must meet the financial criteria as assessed by Apple Financial Services. Information and all accompanying documentation must be submitted to Apple Financial by December 31.
    • Parents must sign an agreement form after which the scholarship will be applied.
    • The scholarship recipients agree to provide an annual letter of appreciation to the Scholarship Committee Chair, in which they will include a progress update highlighting academic achievements, co-curricular involvement and impact of a TFS education on their development.
    • All applications are treated in the strictest confidence. However, the scholarship recipients agree that their first name and any or all parts of their letter and/or annual progress update may be used in print and online materials to support fundraising or marketing purposes.
If you have any additional questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 416-484-6533, ext. 4247 or by email at
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