Meet the Team

The TFS Foundation team leads the outreach to engage TFS families, alumni and friends to provide the financial resources needed to advance the school’s mission. Their raison d’être is to strengthen school pride and connections with the school through giving, volunteer activities and event participation.

This outreach includes leading the school’s fundraising program encompassing annual giving, major and special gifts, donor recognition, stewardship, and special events.

The team works collaboratively with our partners – our parents, through the TFS Foundation Board of Directors, the Investment and Finance Committee and the Nominating and Governance Committee, as well as our alumni, through the Alumni Association Executive – to engage our community, helping to nurture a culture of philanthropy and volunteering, which is critical to the school’s well-being.

TFS Foundation Board of Directors

TFS Foundation

Sander Grieve, Chair
Vanessa Mulroney, Vice-Chair
Sunny Lowe, Vice-Chair
Rachel Beckerman
Kristen Bechara
Kevin Cai
Simon Chong
Heslie Chua
Yashar Fatehi
Lynn Francis
Issa Guindo
Caroline Helbronner
Andrew Ipekian
Fei Jiang
Shael Kalef
Blake Langill
Jennifer Lassonde
Mary Ann Lew
Trent Mell
Stephanie Thompson
Sylvia Tokmakjian
Lesley Vaughan

Investment and Finance Committee

Shael Kalef, Chair
Simon Chong
Heslie Chua
Sander Grieve
Caroline Helbronner
Blake Langill
Mary Ann Lew

Nominating and Governance Committee

Jennifer Lassonde, Chair
Kristen Bechara
Sander Grieve
Andrew Ipekian
Sunny Lowe
Vanessa Mulroney
Members of the TFS community are encouraged to self-nominate or to nominate others who may be interested in volunteering for a Board role.

If you have any questions about the TFS Foundation Board of Directors or the nominations process, please contact Rehana Persad, Board Administrator. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please fill in the nomination form below, which will be submitted automatically.

Foundation Team

List of 9 items.

  • Cathy Yanosik

    President, Foundation
    416-484-6533, ext. 4296
  • Jill Cannon

    Executive Director, Philanthropy
    416.484.6980 ext. 4564
  • Agata Kazimierski

    Director of Operations and Alumni Relations
    416-484-6533, ext. 4472
  • Ryan Churchill

    Manager, Development Communications
  • Fiona MacAlpine

    Senior Development Officer
    416-484-6533, ext. 4421
  • Rebecca Schmidtke

    Alumni Officer 
    Phone:  416-484-6533, ext. 4563
  • Natalia Buitron

    Philanthropy & Advancement Services Specialist
    416-484-6980, ext. 4471
  • Vittoria Koinis

    Philanthropy & Campaign Coordinator
    416.484.6980 ext. 4569 
  • Rehana Persad

    Board Administrator
    416-​484-6533, ext. 4429