Our Community

Our Parents

They are our partners in our students’ education, volunteers, supporters and members of our Board of Directors.

They passionately support TFS’ values, motto, mission and vision, and model these for our students every day, as living examples of citizenship and what we stand for as a community.

They come to TFS from cultures all around the world and collectively speak more than 60 languages. Their backgrounds and experiences inform a wider point of view in our community.

TFS' Parents' Association

All TFS parents are automatically members of our Parents’ Association (PA).

The mission of the PA is to enrich students’ experiences; to foster a school community of students, parents and guardians, staff and alumni; to raise and disburse funds to enhance the TFS environment; and to support the spirit of communication and cooperation throughout our branches.

At the beginning of each school year, the PA sends out an orientation package to all TFS families that includes information on meeting dates, events, committees and contact information for all PA Council members.

Parents can volunteer to be class representatives, or join the PA Council as branch representatives, members of standing committees or as part of the Executive Committee.

New members are always welcome to join the PA Council!