Our International Perspective

What do we mean when we say that our students have an international perspective?

It means many things. Through mastering other languages and learning about other cultures and values, in an environment that celebrates difference and promotes a sense of shared responsibility for the planet, our students gain a perspective that goes beyond national borders.

If you spend 20 minutes talking to students of any age at TFS, you will quickly see that they are at home in the world. They are respectful to all and thrive in diversity. Their lens is wide, pulling on learnings, histories and values from countries and cultures around the world. They understand the power of languages and can hear, speak and learn many. They feel empowered to make a difference because they see connections, as opposed to boundaries. 

How do we nurture that "internationalism"?

At one level, TFS’ international spirit is ultimately based on our language skills. French and English are at the core of what we do and, in conjunction with other languages, provide our students with multiple perspectives and intercultural competencies that enable them to engage effectively and sensitively with a wide variety of people and situations. With strong roots in France and the wider Francophonie, our students learn and experience French as a world language representing and reflecting myriad cultures that stretch from Europe to the Americas, to the Middle East to Africa.

Our curriculum and the learning experiences offered on- and off-campus are internationally focused. By teaching the curricula of France and Ontario through the framework established by the IB programs, our students are encouraged to be critical thinkers who have a deep understanding of global issues and the interdependencies between people, countries and cultures.
Situated in a globally diverse city, TFS attracts families and teachers from around the world who collectively speak more than 60 languages. This constant interaction with people of many backgrounds and beliefs allows our students to become principled, discerning, respectful and engaged global citizens.