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  • Education is a voyage

    Education is a voyage. This is how we often describe the TFS Program. We are learners on a journey of discovery and each fall is a time when we renew our commitment. Even for adults who have long finished their formal studies, there is something transformative about September that takes us back to that timeless mix of school excitement, trepidation and possibility.  
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  • Our Community Comes Together

    Each year, we celebrate the official start of learning across all branches by flying the flags representing the countries of our families' citizenship. Seeing all those different flags ring the campus in Toronto and line the entrance at our West Campus is a testament to the wonderful reach of our community; truly we have come from around the world to be together at TFS.
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  • Encircling our students with care while fostering their resilience

    I have no doubt that all of us have now compiled a list of phrases we find challenging: unprecedented times, the new normal and social distancing among them. However, as much as we hope for a quick end to the pandemic and the ability to go back to the ways things were, we know that aspects of our lives have undoubtedly changed and that those changes will remain, to varying degrees, into the future. If we are unsettled by this sudden shift, so are some of our students, and never before has it been more vital for the school and parents to attend to the needs of our students. 

    Michael Burke
    Deputy Head, Citizenship and Community Engagement 
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