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The unofficial motto amongst TFS alumni is "friends for life"

By the time they graduate from TFS, most of our alumni classes have been together as classmates and friends since Kindergarten. Among the things they have in common is a world-class education, an insatiable love of learning and a wider perspective on the complex world we live in.
Bien que chaque classe de finissants à TFS soit unique, nos élèves font tous preuve d’ambition scolaire et d’envie de réussir. Chaque année, 100 % sont lauréats du Mérite scolaire de l’Ontario (moyenne supérieure ou égale à 80 %). En 2023, 96 % des diplômés obtiennent un diplôme de l'IB bilingue ou bilingue avancé.

Tous les élèves de la classe des finissants reçoivent des propositions émanant d’universités de premier rang, accompagnées d’offres impressionnantes de bourses d’études. Ils fréquentent des universités dans tout le Canada, aux États-Unis, au Royaume-Uni et au-delà, où ils suivent des cours dans des programmes parmi les plus recherchés et les plus sélectifs qui soient.

TFS compte plus de 3 100 anciens élèves qui vivent dans le monde entier, travaillent dans des centaines d’industries différentes et parlent un grand nombre de langues.
Maintaining the bonds between alumni and the school is important at TFS. Each year, the TFS Alumni Association and the Office of Advancement & Alumni Relations work together to plan networking and social events, from downtown Toronto to London, UK.

What’s more, our alumni often come back to the school to offer career advice, advise on life at university and beyond, and mentor our students.

Just like when they were students, TFS wants its alumni to consider the school their forever home away from home.
To learn more about TFS’ Alumni Association, please contact: Rebecca Schmidtke, Alumni Officer, at rschmidtke@tfs.ca, or 416-484-6533, ext. 4563.

Alumni of Distinction 2019

Alumni of Distinction

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  • C.C.

    Dr. Christopher Chan '89, Alumni of Distinction 2023

    An alumnus and a parent of two TFS graduates, Dr. Christopher Chan ‘89 is a decorated physician, award-winning researcher and professor. 
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  • T.B

    Tina Bouffet '11, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2023

    Tina Bouffet embodies the TFS mission: her career is dedicated to reducing the impact of armed conflict and violence. She has undertaken humanitarian work around the world, and continues to create positive change working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in conflict zones in Africa.
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  • Nancy Cohen '78, The Distinguished Service Award 2023

    An alumna and parent of two TFS graduates, Nancy Cohen has been an exemplary volunteer since her own graduation in 1978. Her many years of leadership promise to enrich the TFS community for generations to come.
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  • Celeste Yim '14, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2022

    Celeste Yim is an award-winning playwright and comedian who uses their voice to shine a light on inequality, social injustice and identity. And they’ve been doing this since their student days at TFS, using humour and empathy to draw others in.
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  • Peter Biro '78, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2022

    Peter Biro is both an intellectual and a person of action whose varied pursuits exemplify TFS’ mission to develop multilingual critical thinkers who celebrate difference, transcend borders and strive for the betterment of humankind.
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  • Brett Thalmann ‘03, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2021

    “I credit TFS for all of my successes. They gave me the tools for critical thinking and encouraged me to ask the right questions, to challenge the status quo, and not to take anything for granted.”
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  • Brian Shoichet ‘81, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2021

    “For me, TFS has always been a school that indulged a ‘giddy goofiness,’ a delight in taking educated risks and well-meaning creative transgressions towards achieving something of lasting value for others.”
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  • Larissa Parker ‘12, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2020

    “I had great teachers at TFS who helped me to think creatively and helped guide me to find my niche in environmental subjects.”
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  • Yvan Baker ‘96, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2020

    “The French curriculum, work ethic, discipline, teamwork, and communication skills I learned at TFS were formative experiences that had a significant impact on my career, who I am, and what I’ve been able to do for others.”
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  • Julia Bentley '78, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2019

    "What I find most satisfying in my current role is the privilege of representing Canada abroad and being able to connect people in Canada and Malaysia in ways which they find professionally rewarding. "
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  • Rebeccah Love '08, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2019

    "We need to be looking out for each other, to build community where we can. Empathy has never been more important but no matter one’s circumstances, it is essential to stay engaged. "
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  • Dr. Maral Ouzounian ‘94, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2018

    "At TFS, we were encouraged to set strong academic goals, and above all, TFS taught us that we could achieve anything."
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  • Gabriela Stafford ‘13, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2018

    “In my experience, TFS teachers go above and beyond to make sure that students have what they need in order to succeed.”
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  • Julia Rucklidge '88, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2017

    "At TFS, the teachers always encouraged us to understand the principles we studied rather than memorize content. It was a challenging and inspiring way to learn."
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  • Dalton Kellett '11, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2017

    “There were 20 or 30 of us who went all the way through TFS together. That sense of community was incredible and gave me an appreciation for the importance of cultivating relationships."
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  • Gabriela Maj '99, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2016

    "The collective focus at TFS on hard work and achievement, and the innovative and integrated curriculum laid a strong foundation for future chapters in my life."
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  • Julia St-Louis Saleh (Ivonoffski) '05, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2016

    "TFS encourages you to aspire. Being surrounded by people with tremendous drive means that striving to excel becomes the norm."
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  • Leigh Salsberg '94, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2015

    "I think it is important to appreciate what we have and try to turn it into actions somehow. Even if the actions seem small, they can make a real difference, as they are actions that otherwise wouldn't have been done. Incorporate your TFS education into your life in a meaningful way."
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  • Cara Cheung '06, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2015

    “I really enjoyed my IB art show experience. It affirmed my love for fashion because it gave me the opportunity to explore my interest through a structured environment, with an end goal that allowed others to connect with my work."
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  • Dr. Ian D'Agata '80, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2014

    "TFS gave me the opportunity to learn French, write it well and learn more about France. To this day, France is still my home away from home. TFS also allowed for the establishment of some pretty amazing friendships and bonds. There is no doubt that what I am today is in part due to TFS and the way it modeled and shaped me."
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  • Emily Cole '04, Young Alumni Award Recipient 2014

    "I was always between science and arts, but I had teachers who were 100% supportive and accepted my diverse interests. I would encourage students to pursue whatever major they feel suits their curiosity coming out of high school."
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  • Steven Shehori '89, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "I was really honoured to be asked to host TFS' 50th Anniversary Gala. It was especially flattering because I wasn't the best student. It was only later that I realized TFS helped me develop the skills that are the foundation for everything I've done."
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  • Molly Shoichet '83, PhD, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "I get to work with some of the world's best neuroscientists, neurosurgeons and cancer biologists. We must have superb science and then the backing of the business world to translate it to peoples' lives. That's the dream."
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  • Walter Dorn '79, PhD, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "Dad put a huge value on education. He'd heard great things about TFS and was keen to give his son the best education. I'm so grateful for what I've experienced in life, in the field and in Canada, including the preparation I received through TFS."
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  • Lara Brady '01, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "I had such tremendous teachers. Across the board, our teachers pushed us and did a great deal to cultivate a real confidence in us as students."
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  • Justin Poy '87, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "TFS taught me to have a strong passion and work ethic for doing things I really liked to do. During high school I was there seven days a week, setting up art exhibits, building sets and rehearsing for plays. Those were some of the best years of my life. It has greatly influenced who I am today."
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  • Dr. Kristen Davidge '97, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "The beauty of the school is the relationships you forge with your teachers. It was something very special and unique. They opened our eyes to so much more than the subject at hand.”
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  • Christina Piovesan '94, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "Being a first-generation Canadian at TFS had a big impact on me. Everyone in my close circle of friends was also first-generation. It was a great experience to share culture and tradition."
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  • Dr. Michael Dan '78, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "Canada's First Nations form the bedrock for this country and we never really explored their story well enough. By giving them better business opportunities through Gemini Power, I want to change the paradigm of how large corporations do business with First Nations."
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  • Rita Leistner '82, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "I want to help tell people's stories, especially those who have suffered most from war, and I am constantly exploring new ways to do this. My job is putting together the pieces of the puzzle that show what is going on in the world. One story at a time, we try to educate ourselves and others through that."
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  • Albert Haldemann '84, PHD, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2013

    "There's something innate in human beings about wanting to climb a mountain, not because it's there, but to simply explore, push boundaries, learn new things. Space is our next mountain. Learning about it teaches us about ourselves and our place in the universe. If I'm contributing to that, I think it's worthwhile."
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  • Dr. Karandeep Sonu Gaind '86, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2012

    "I believe what TFS has taught is the philosophy that education is not just about passively receiving information and it does not end in the classroom. Real scholarship and education is about learning even as we teach. It's about integrating diverse ideas, sometimes from different areas, in unique ways to impact the world... I use to this day the principles I learned at TFS."
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  • Dr. Samantha Nutt '87, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2011

    "Upon accepting the honour, Dr. Nutt reflected on the role her bilingual education has played, not only in the advocacy that has been a trademark of her career, but in her ability to listen to the children and families for whom she is so passionate."
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  • Martha Baillie '77, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2010

    “Toronto French School, I feel, has stated unequivocally that it values those who labour precariously in the arts. It tells me that TFS values determination and openness to the unexpected as truly as it did when I was one of its students."
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  • Carole Piovesan '95, Alumni of Distinction Award Recipient 2009

    "TFS is a school that delivers an international perspective. ...Carole would agree that the uniquely international education we received at this school has been pivotal to her success."
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