Funding Priorities

TFS is the school it is today because of the generous philanthropy of generations of TFS families. To this day, the support of our community remains vital in order for TFS to deliver on its mission to develop multilingual critical thinkers who celebrate difference, transcend borders and strive for the betterment of humankind and the planet.

While tuition fees cover the school’s day-to-day operating expenses, it is through generous philanthropic support that TFS is able to enrich the educational program, enhance facilities and provide life-changing scholarships. 

Please help us build on the strong foundation laid by the generosity of our past and present supporters. Join us in creating thriving futures for this generation of TFS students and the next. 

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  • Master Campus Plan

    Our largest and most ambitious expansion in over two decades, the Master Campus Plan promises to bridge disciplines, activate academic ambition, enhance wellness, stimulate creativity and foster connections between students, their teachers, subjects and environment. Support for the Master Campus Plan will be allocated towards a new TFS Centre on our Toronto campus and the construction of a new athletic facility and learning environment on West Campus.
  • Entrance Scholarships

    The TFS Entrance Scholarship Program offers full-tuition scholarships to talented, high-achieving students, who demonstrate financial need. Entrance scholars begin in Grade 7 or above. International scholars join the school in Level III and, in addition to tuition and other costs associated with their learning, their scholarship accounts for a homestay program where a carefully selected family provides living accommodations to the student for the duration of their studies. All entrance scholars contribute their diverse perspectives to the student body, inspiring both their teachers and peers, while also enriching the educational experience for all. Support for the TFS Entrance Scholarships will help expand the program and open the door to a future filled with opportunities for promising students who would otherwise be unable to access the transformative education and learning experience offered at the school.
  • TFS Annual Priorities Fund

    Each year, families are asked to support the TFS Annual Priorities Fund and the gifts received are an important source of financial support for the school. They provide TFS with the ability to address immediate needs as they arise, invest in annual initiatives that have an immediate impact on our students’ day-to-day experience at TFS, and support the long-term vision of the school.
  • Bursaries

    Bursaries provide short-term support to current families experiencing financial difficulties, so that their children can continue learning and growing at TFS. Families with a child graduating may wish to support this important program by making a gift to their Class Fund, a graduating class tradition that provides families with the opportunity to honour their child and the education they have received at TFS.
For more information, please contact one of our Foundation team members.

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