Academic Ambition

La p'tite école (age 2-Grade 1)

Welcome to La p’tite école!

As the Principal of La p’tite école, I have the wonderful privilege of overseeing the education of our youngest learners. Our educators and I watch over and care for your children as they take big leaps toward learning, not just academically but in life.

Creating a warm and positive atmosphere, and a feeling of the school being their second home, is something I look forward to doing every single day.

As soon as you come to the school, you feel a positive energy – the children are enthusiastic, eager to learn and happy to be here. They come here with diverse backgrounds, and they all feel valued, known and appreciated. We provide care and guidance appropriate for very young children, who learn how to become students, and gain a solid foundation for a successful school experience.

Our educators and early childhood educators, who are from Canada, France, Ukraine, Iran, Haiti, Benin and more, are dedicated to the well-being of our students. They are caring and passionate about educating such young students and instilling in them a love of learning.

Academically, your child is going to learn to ask questions and learn about everything from math, reading, writing, and social studies to physical education, music and visual arts. And beyond that, they have access to a wide range of technology – SMART Boards, iPads, and robotics – which are all used in an age-appropriate way and to enhance their learning.

What makes me so proud is the way our children learn to be leaders, and to work together to make the school their own and a better place for everybody. In their mentorship sessions, they learn about our values – respect, integrity, engagement, discernment – as well as responsibility, decision-making, and the many aspects of being an IB learner.

Students at La p’tite école also learn to take action, be positive leaders and give back. Every Grade 1 student has a leadership role. They run assemblies, MC many branch events, write a newspaper, fundraise to help others, and act as reporters for les nouvelles (the news) of La p’tite école.

At La p’tite école, we give your child a head start on learning and mastering French and English. They will become bilingual, they will have the foundations of an incredible education, and they will love their experience along the way. We will accompany them step by step in their journey.

Ann François
Principal, La p'tite école

Academic Ambition at La p’tite école

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  • Jardin d’éveil Hafez, our French-language program for two-year-olds

    A world of delight and discovery awaits the youngest children at TFS. Jardin d’éveil Hafez has been a resounding success since it opened its doors in 2010. It is a licensed child care centre by the Ontario Ministry of Education, following the standards of the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.

    Situated in a former home, the Jardin d'éveil was designed to stimulate learning through a range of play activities. The teachers introduce children to French with a method that takes their language maturity into account: activities include music, songs, stories, dance and drama.

    The children participate in sensory activities at the sand, water and music tables, prompting discovery through play. They learn through dress-up and drama, construction and building blocks. They engage in independent exploration and learn to problem solve and develop their critical-thinking skills.

    To build healthy bodies and develop gross motor skills, just outside the walls of the Jardin d'éveil sit play structures, such as a jungle gym, play school bus, riding toys, a sandbox and more. Our Jardin students even venture out into TFS’ own portion of the Don Valley ravine, learning French together as they discover all the wonders of our forest.
  • Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1

    From Pre-Kindergarten (Petite section) to Grade 1 (CP), TFS teaches the curricula of France and Ontario through the framework established by the IB programs.

    From the moment children join TFS, through Grade 1 (CP), they are instructed only in French. Children quickly embrace the language and are gently encouraged to increase their use of French during classroom activities.

    Instruction in the English language begins in Grade 2 (CE1) at TFS. People often wonder if this approach hinders the acquisition of English. The answer is no! The language skills students acquire learning French gives them an advanced linguistic foundation for learning, exploring and appreciating English.
  • The Primary Years Program in action

    Underpinning the French and Ontario curricula is the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the IB. The IB is a high-quality international education program. Undertaken from Pre-Kindergarten (Petite section) through Grade 5 (CM2), the PYP is a framework; it is not what is taught, but how it is taught. It takes an inquiry-based approach to learning, through which the curricula are delivered. This means that learning is not a passive exercise removed from the everyday world; rather it is a highly active and interactive exploration that engages students in the world in which they live.

    Students in these grades learn about science, history, geography, reading and writing, the arts and more through transdisciplinary units of study. They also grow and develop their gross and fine motor skills, learn to get along together, and start to understand the world around them in all its fascinating aspects. And they are supported and taught by nurturing staff, within inspiring educational environments.
    • The best start in life: an exceptional education