All-Round Development


90+ competitive teams
Full Under-9 athletics program
85%of Grade 3-7 students play on at least one team
15 championships in
40+teachers helped coach in 2018-19
67% of Senior students compete at least one season

Physical activity, developing a sense of fair play, and engaging in the thrill of competition are just a few reasons athletics are so popular at TFS

No matter the age or interest, we want our students to be vigorous and active, in body and mind. We aspire for all of our students to find their athletic home at TFS.

Indoors and out, athletic activity is constant: on our regulation-sized, artificial turf Frazer Field and in the 25-metre swimming pool, or in the gymnasia found at all four of our branches.

Physical and health education are part of the regular curriculum up to Grade 9 (Level II), after which it becomes optional. Swimming, gymnastics and ice-skating are built into the program as well, depending on the student’s branch.

Recreational and co-curricular activities complement this strong program and are a part of daily life, whether it’s basketball at the Junior School, soccer at La p’tite école, karate or ballet at the West Campus or sport aerobics training at the Senior School.

Our competitive sports program encompasses more than 90 teams across both campuses, starting in Grade 3 and up. Teams usually practice twice weekly and play against other independent schools.

All competitive teams at TFS are called the Cougars. In fact, the Cougar athletic logo sits proudly in centre field on our Frazer Field at the Toronto campus.

TFS is a member of the provincial Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) and competes for championships in a wide variety of sports. One look at the banners lining our gym walls tells you just how much students care about sports at our school.

TFS' West Campus students compete mainly in competitions organized by the Private School Athletic Association (PSAA) in Peel region.

TFS offers access to a comprehensive program of after-school swimming instruction on the Toronto campus.

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  • Junior School

    Boys' Soccer
    Girls' Soccer
    Co-ed Soccer
    Girls' Basketball
    Girls' Swimming
    Boys' Basketball
    Co-ed Basketball
    Girls' Volleyball
    Co-ed Swimming

    Track & Field

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  • Senior School

    Girls’ Basketball
    Boys’ Soccer
    Girls’ Swimming
    Cross Country Running
    Boys’ Volleyball
    Boys’ Basketball
    Girls’ Volleyball
    Co-ed Swimming
    Co-ed Hockey
    Co-ed Track & Field
    Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee
    Boys' Rugby
    Girls' Soccer
    Co-ed Badminton
    Co-ed Golf

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  • West Campus

    Cross Country   
    Floor Hockey

    Track & Field