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Head of School Welcome

I would like to personally extend the warmest welcome to our incredible school. TFS - Canada’s International School was the pioneer of French immersion education in Canada when it first started out in 1962. Today we remain a school dedicated to bilingualism, with a well-earned reputation for academic rigour, balanced by all-round development, and firmly positioned as having an international point of view. The intersection of these educational pillars is where we form a program that delivers on our aspiration for our students; that they become, as stated in our motto, Individuals who reflect, citizens who act.
When we talk about academic rigour, we always include the idea of academic ambition. This is a mindset of ours where we never say “I can’t do that,” but rather, “I can’t do that - yet.” It’s about continuously learning and seeing challenges as a way of going deeper and learning more: knowledge, skills and about ourselves.
We also want our students to benefit from all-round development as individuals and citizens. Through athletics, the arts, student government and a vast range of clubs and co-curricular activities, they build confidence, team spirit, creativity, initiative, entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Our students never cease to amaze us with their forays into STEAM projects both in and out of the classroom, including visual arts and theatrical performances, delving into coding or challenging themselves through robotics. All of this is underscored by our strong citizenship program, which includes regularly held assemblies, mentorship sessions and societies.
However we would consider none of our programs to be successful if we didn’t take care of our students first. What we mean is that their well-being, the balance they discover in our school, and knowing they are part of a community that is inclusive – accepting and safe – is our highest priority. Once that is established, we can all live our best lives in our healthy and welcoming environment.
This explains why our graduates are well-rounded, emotionally intelligent young people, who can find the equilibrium between their rights as individuals and their responsibilities as citizens.
As a bilingual school, we know how important learning other languages is to achieving an international perspective, that ability to see the world through more than one cultural lens. This is part of the intercultural competency that we foster at TFS. Having a curriculum made up of the educational programs of Ontario, France and the International Baccalaureate, along with a linguistically and culturally diverse community, and the opportunity to take part in numerous experiential journeys and exchanges abroad, support us in this goal for our students.
We are a busy school, but also one that finds joy in all aspects of school life. When you see and hear our students filling our classrooms, labs, arts studios or sports fields with their limitless energy and quest for learning, in French and English, you will know why we are a one-of-a-kind Canadian school.
Norman Gaudet
Head of School