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Our Students

At TFS we always say there are no cookie-cutter classes. So whether our students are members of the Class of 2018 or the Class of 2030, we know that each will be unique and that they will most likely be friends for life.

While each brings their own interests and talents to the school, our students will share some common experiences and growth. They will learn teamwork, teambuilding and cooperative behaviour together. Their experiences will teach them how to effectively communicate, understand and respect each other, and bring a discerning mind to their experiences and choices.

They will be academically ambitious, possess a knowledge-seeking spirit and embrace all-round development, eagerly taking on new interests and engagement as citizens of our wider community. They will be keen to hone their international perspective, so that they can see their home and the world through the lens of intercultural competency, and deep linguistic and cultural understanding.

This wonderful journey begins with our Jardin d’éveil Hafez French-language program for two-year-olds on our Toronto campus.

Meet Our Students

Our creative campaign shines the light directly on our students as individuals who reflect, citizens who act. More than just a motto, this phrase embodies the student experience at TFS, providing unique opportunities for them to learn, be actively engaged in their school and community, and contribute to the betterment of the world. 
Take a moment to view their stories below.