International Perspective


At TFS, we teach French as a first language. We promote the use of French in all school-related activities, and our teachers use a high level of language and a wide variety of accents and dialects, which help our students adapt and develop their listening skills. The end result is a widely recognized level of French fluency in our students.

While at TFS, students are also encouraged to use their bilingualism as a portal to multilingualism. Starting in Grade 6, students in Toronto can learn Mandarin or Spanish and Latin, and students at the West Campus can learn Spanish or German.

Bilingualism and multilingualism are within reach of all TFS students, even though most students start at the school with little to no prior French knowledge. Read how our Intro to French program works. 

Brain Power

Bilingualism improves cognitive development and strength. It’s a proven fact, as studies by neuroscientists have consistently shown. The ability to think and use more than one language strengthens the brain’s executive function, which includes activities such as organizing, focusing and managing conflicting information. Bilingualism exercises the brain, with benefits lasting a lifetime.

Lessons in Cultural Understanding

By the time they leave TFS, all our students have mastered English and French. In addition, they are studying the curricula of France and Ontario through the framework established by the IB programs. Of particular importance is our students’ exposure to la Francophonie  the cultures and histories of the many French-speaking nations worldwide. By gaining experience in international studies, they have the ability to understand different cultures and perspectives, viewed through the lens of different philosophies and educational models. These skills are critical in our global village.

Bilingualism in the Classroom

A common misconception is that students learning a second language may lag behind academically. In fact, TFS introduces English-language studies in Grade 2, and on the Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS), taken by students across Canada in Grades 3, 5, and 7 and 9, our students consistently perform in the 99th percentile. As well, research shows that students who are immersed in a second language at school find that their English-language skills are actually stronger.