International Perspective

TFS and the Francophonie

An international school in Canada firmly rooted in the global Francophonie

In 1962, TFS was the first French immersion school to open its doors in Canada. As a partner of the network of French Ministry of Education schools, TFS has offered an intercultural view of the world from the start, while promoting the emergence of a Canadian national consciousness rooted in both official languages. 

Today, TFS is proud to belong to the French educational network and continues to strengthen its commitment to the local, national and international Francophonie. 

Like Toronto's cultural mosaic, the Francophonie shines at TFS. 

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Over 300 million speakers on five continents
The fifth most spoken language in the world
Official language of 32 states and governments
132 million people are learning French
Fourth most used language on the Internet
Major international French-language media: TV5 Monde, RFI, France 24

“Yes, I have a homeland: the French language.”
- Albert Camus