Our Donors

Meet Emeka and Ifeoma Okwuosa

When Emeka and Ifeoma Okwuosa enrolled their son Chizube in TFS, they were impressed with the school’s excellent curriculum and faculty, and they soon found themselves delighted to be part of the larger TFS community. “We made the right choice,” says Emeka, thinking about the school’s welcoming, international ambiance and the other parents they have met over the years. “TFS is a unique school, and our son loves it.” Now in Grade 3, Chizube is particularly enjoying his English classes and participating in hockey and soccer.

The Okwuosas have been annual donors since they first joined TFS in 2010. Last year, they made a leadership gift during the highly successful Soaring Beyond campaign in support of the full Entrance Scholarship program, a program that continues to be a key priority for the school. Thanks to campaign donors and the Okwuosa’s generous gift, TFS welcomed the Okwuosa Family Scholar in September 2016. The Okwuosas are very happy for the young scholarship recipient and look forward to following the student’s progress in the coming years.

“A scholarship sows seeds for the future,” says Emeka, who believes strongly in the power of education to change lives for the better and to make a difference in the world. This belief has long informed his philanthropic vision. The family established a foundation in their native Nigeria, which, among other things, grants educational scholarships to families in need. “It is important that we help those who are not as fortunate,” says Emeka. “Education allows individuals to realize their dreams and achieve their goals.”

Emeka hopes to see the scholarship program at TFS evolve and expand. “First, I would like to see it sustained,” he says, “and I would also like to see it develop so that we can welcome even more scholars and offer more bright young students the life-changing opportunity of a TFS education.”

While financial gifts are essential in order to make that happen, Emeka also encourages parents to support the school in other ways, by donating their time and talents. Praising the TFS Parents’ Association and the volunteer opportunities it offers, Emeka and Ifeoma are pleased to see TFS parents so actively involved in the school and in their children’s education. “We can support a great education by sharing ideas and suggestions,” they both note, “and must continue to make TFS accessible to students who would not otherwise be able to attend this fine school.”

- Story credit: TFS Report To Our Community 2015-16

Meet Peter and Lisa Puccetti

Proud parents of Luke and Rex, Lisa and Peter Puccetti fondly recall their first impression of TFS, when they walked into La p’tite école back in 2010, after joining the TFS community. “The room exuded a warm, welcoming, positive atmosphere. We knew immediately that TFS would offer our sons an exceptional and well-balanced education.” Impressed with the school’s academic rigour and bilingual curriculum, the fact that TFS is a co-educational school was also important to them.

Today, they couldn’t be more satisfied with their choice. Their sons are very happy at TFS and love going to school. “What makes us so proud is the way our boys are never overwhelmed by the tasks and challenges put before them. They are self-motivated and attack their assignments with confidence. We credit TFS for instilling that fearlessness in them. TFS is an aspirational school; it teaches children to aspire and to achieve.”

They also credit TFS with fostering a genuine respect for others. They see this respectfulness in their boys and around the school generally as a value that informs school culture. “Because TFS is a school with an international perspective, an international faculty, and families who hail from all over the world, our boys are meeting people from many different backgrounds. This diversity is good for children. Our sons are respectful to others and mindful of other cultures, which is essential in today’s world.”

In addition to their ongoing annual giving, the Learning Forum drew the Puccettis’ attention and support as leadership donors. “Every child learns differently, and we admire how TFS embraces this concept to accommodate individualized learning approaches. This is just another way TFS respects difference.” Adds Lisa: “When I read about the current research on supported learning strategies, it’s easy to draw parallels to what TFS is already doing – and is always improving on. It just makes me feel even more confident that TFS is the school for us.”

In addition to their financial support, Lisa and Peter support TFS by being involved in their sons’ education and in the life of the school. “It’s not enough to just drive your children to school,” says Peter. “You have to get involved!” Lisa joined the Parents’ Association early on and served as a class representative for five years. She cites numerous ways in which PA volunteers support the school and its students through annual fundraising and community-building activities, from Kermesse to the pizza lunches. She also serves on the committee organizing the Marché d’hiver. Helping to launch its inaugural event in 2017 was a particular pleasure for Lisa and very rewarding.

The Puccetti family’s enthusiasm for TFS is firmly grounded in their experiences of the school and in watching their sons thrive and grow as individuals. “As parents, it is our responsibility to give our children the best possible start in life, and that begins with an excellent education. TFS is a special school, a rich environment for young minds. We encourage Luke and Rex to absorb every possible learning opportunity TFS offers – and we encourage all parents to support the school in every way possible.”