Our Community

Head of School Welcome

TFS holds a special place in history as the pioneer of French immersion education in Canada. Today, as a French and multilingual international school, we are in a unique position to empower our students to become accomplished individuals, as well as responsible citizens who consciously choose to make a positive difference in the world. In fact, that is precisely the sentiment expressed in our motto: Individuals who reflect, citizens who act.
Our school has long been renowned for its excellent academics. In addition, our identity is deepened by ascribing to specific values – integrity, discernment, respect and engagement – that are lived by staff and nurtured in students every day. Ultimately, a TFS education is based on three major pillars: academic ambition, all-round development and an international perspective.
In the first place, we want our students to exude academic ambition, to have a knowledge-seeking spirit that embraces the importance of continuous effort and sees challenge as an opportunity for learning.  We encourage them to adopt a growth mindset, where they never say, “I can’t do that,” but rather, “I can’t do that yet.”
We also want our students to benefit from an all-round development as individuals and citizens. We facilitate their acquisition of skills for life, such as self-confidence, team spirit, creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship. We nurture a sense of citizenship through our mentorship program, assemblies and societies. In addition, they have many opportunities to explore and develop a range of passions in areas such as athletics and the arts through a broad variety of clubs and other co-curricular activities.  
This explains why our graduates are well-rounded, emotionally intelligent young men and women, who can balance their rights as individuals with their responsibilities as citizens.
Finally, as a school that was founded to promote multilingualism as one of its core principles, we are particularly conscious that fluency in other languages gives TFS students a gateway to other cultures and different ways of understanding the world. Our families and staff are linguistically and culturally diverse, and this diversity strengthens us as a community.
Our pupils have many opportunities to experience the power of language and gain intercultural competencies through a range of trips and exchanges abroad. Our international perspective is further reinforced by teaching the curricula of France and Ontario through the framework established by the IB programs.
It is this layering of language, personal interaction, experiential journeys and varied academic programs that gives TFS students an international outlook and inspires in them a purposeful will to contribute to the progress of humanity.
These are the ideals and beliefs that permeate our community, as we walk together in the same direction and share the conviction that we provide the best possible education for our children.
Dr. Josep González
Head of School