Message from the TFSAA President

The golden thread that connects us all

What matters most is what connects us and keeps us together as alumni after our meaningful, formative time at TFS. No matter what year our studies culminated, our respective classes became forever linked by our profound and enduring connection first as TFS students and later as alumni.

I’m a graduate of the Class of 1994, and I believe that regardless of when you graduated, we all have a common experience that unites us. We experienced TFS differently, as all classes do, because TFS is continually growing and evolving. However, what binds each of our classes together is the golden thread of our common experience of obtaining a unique and diverse TFS education. 

All schools change, yet TFS has remained true to itself by changing with the times, yet remaining rooted in giving students a strong bilingual, international education that fashions them to become engaged citizens of the world.

I’m proud to be the Class Representative for the Class of 1994. I’m proud to be a TFS lifer who attended the West Campus from kindergarten through to graduation at the Toronto campus. I’m proud of the community I joined in early childhood and continue to be a part of today. 

We are an extended family, and I’m proud to serve as the TFS Alumni Association President. I look forward to collaborating with the entire TFS community, across both campuses, to promote continued meaningful alumni connections.

Suzy Davidkhanian ʼ94
President, TFS Alumni Association (TFSAA)