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  • May

    I Won't Turn Back

    A few years ago at the start of a school year, using an icebreaker to introduce ourselves, I asked students in my mentorship group to share something unique about themselves. I was pleasantly surprised by one student in particular. That student shared they were the only person in the room of mixed parental heritage with one parent being white, the other Black. As we finished our introductions, I came back to the student with a modest qualification. I quoted the old adage that one cannot judge a book by its cover. That in fact, I too am a child of a Black parent.
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  • March

    A Declaration of Love: March 2021

    The International Day of French as a World Language is an annual event sponsored by OIF – Organisation internationale de la francophonie, an institution with a membership of 88 countries whose mandate is to promote French language and culture, as well as diversity, education, peace, democracy, human rights and multilateral cooperation in such fields as sustainable development. If its latest report states that there are about 300 million French speakers worldwide, there can be no doubt that Canada has a vital role to play within this large cultural family spread across five continents.
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  • Celebrating Black History Month at TFS

    As in previous years, TFS students participated in several events to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month in February.  Our students were encouraged to reflect upon the crucial importance of inclusion and diversity, and to celebrate the Black Canadian community. 
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