TFS Students Take a Stand on Food Waste

From the desks of Sophie B. and Lailay H. (Level IV)
Second Harvest is a non-profit organization that helps distribute food, still in perfect condition but that would have otherwise been wasted, to local food banks around Toronto. On Friday, October 19 our society organized a Casual Day which raised awareness about food waste, both at home and in supermarkets.
Students and staff wore green and made donations that will go towards helping Second Harvest distribute more food to local food banks to help those in need.
More importantly, participants read and signed a petition by Justin Kulik about creating a federal bill to combat food waste in grocery stores before arriving to school on Friday. Along with the petition, students and staff were asked to commit to any or all of 7 ways to reduce food waste, including:
  1. Only putting on your plate what you're going to eat
  2. Taking stock of what’s in your fridge and food pantry before going grocery shopping
  3. Planning a weekly menu ahead of time and taking account of food already in stock
  4. Storing food correctly
-          Knowing what to put in the fridge, freezer or pantry
-          Transporting frozen products in an insulated bag
-          Keeping leftovers stored in a tightly sealed glass container
  1. Checking the expiration date and treating them as a guide
  2. Eating or reusing leftovers
  3. Composting food waste
This was a very rewarding experience because we were able to make the TFS community more aware of the issues surrounding food waste and empower them with tips on small everyday actions that can create a big impact! I believe we are all now more capable of making better decisions for the environment.