Grade 4 students study the history of Tunisia

Grade 4 students studied the history of Tunisia for several weeks as part of a project to make Tunisian doors. With the help of their teacher, Ms. Sauvé, and their plastic arts teacher, Ms. Ben Ali, the students learned about Tunisian traditions.
Studying each step in the door-making process enabled them to discover the ornamental work made from studs, first used by Andalusians. At first glance, each door symbolizes the physical barrier between a family’s public and private lives. Further, the ornamental work around the doors is also linked to a family’s life and wealth. Each door is equipped with three handles—one for the house master, another for his spouse and any visitors, while the lowest one is for children.

Door colours are not randomly chosen, but rather have a meaning. For instance, houses in the village of Sidi Bou Said always have blue-painted doors to match the colour of the sea.