Level III Students Meet Their Spanish Friends

Level III students from our Toronto campus set out to discover the cities of Paris and Barcelona accompanied by their history and geography teacher. The trip focused on geographical identity and how urban environments can actually shape a sense of collective identity, comparing the respective identities of Toronto, Paris and Barcelona.
First, our students were able to discover various aspects of the French capital. The group then visited the Orsay Museum and the districts of Nouvelle Athènes and Montmartre, which enabled them to learn more about the city’s geographical, poetic and artistic identity. In order to understand both the religious and the artistic, the students also visited Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Île de la Cité, Sorbonne University and the Luxembourg gardens.
On their final day in the Paris region, they visited the Château de Versailles and the Louvre Museum.

The group then flew to Barcelona to meet with their Spanish friends from Lycée Bon Soleil and discover the city in good company.

For the next week, they strolled through the city to explore its history during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and in the present era as they visited the Gothic Quarter, the Cathedral, the port of Barcelona and Montjuic Park.

Each day, our students spent time working in groups together with their Spanish friends on a video project which allowed them to explore their cultural differences.