The Roles of Premier Citoyen and Première Citoyenne at TFS

The elections for next year’s Premier Citoyen and Première Citoyenne were held at the end of February. At TFS, their role is crucial as they are elected by students and key members of the school.
Foremost, the First Citizens embody our school’s vision, mission and values during events related to school life. Throughout the year, these two students represent their classmates at meetings with staff and the school’s Vie scolaire Committee. They are responsible for organizing meetings with representatives of the Citizen’s Assembly and the Prefect Council. Furthermore, they work with Norman Gaudet, Principal, Senior School and meet on a biweekly basis to discuss issues at the school in order to address them.

There were five candidates this year for both positions, who each presented a speech to the Senior School students prior to attending a Q&A session the following day.

Kudos to Elizabeth W. and Nick C., our Premiers Citoyens for 2019-20!