An exciting winter term for TFS athletes

Our athletics program continued to spark a lot of interest during winter term, across our campuses.
At the Senior School, over 210 athletes sported the TFS colours on 18 different teams across five sports (hockey, swimming, basketball, volleyball and curling). Not to be outdone, 130 Junior School swimmers, basketball, volleyball and hockey players gave their all in a total of nine competitive teams. The West Campus also saw high levels of participation in athletics, with 80% of students between Grade 4 and 7 taking part in one or more sports teams.

Beginners or experienced, our athletes improved continually throughout the season, with many teams reaching the finals and impressive individual results for our swimmers.

Both the CISAA and the PSAA spring seasons have unfortunately been cancelled, but the bonds that unite the Cougars community remain tight. The Senior School, Junior School and West Campus athletics directors have come up with several initiatives to keep students, staff and parents fit during the distance learning period. 

One of them is the launch of the Actifs à la maison website. This website, which is the result of the collaboration of the three athletics departments, provides varied, curated content to keep everyone physically active. In addition, a Cougars Challenge is sent to families on a regular basis, to encourage them to come together around a fun activity.

The Cougars will come roaring back soon, to sport the TFS colours with their usual determination and enthusiasm!