TFS celebrates French International Schools’ Week

This year, the theme of the fourth annual Week of French International Schools (November 30 - December 5, 2020) is “All citizens, equal and united: how French education can address tomorrow’s challenges.”

At TFS, our mission is to develop our students not only as learners, but also as individuals and citizens.
Our students know they have a role to play in creating a better future for the planet. Every daily step takes them on a journey to become individuals who reflect, citizens who act.
This desire to contribute to the progress of humanity as a whole characterizes the internationalism of our students and is expressed throughout their journey by their participation in democratic and philosophical discussions, citizens' assemblies, ecologically responsible activities and clubs (philosophy, art, orchestra, public speaking, TFS newspaper, etc.).

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During this week, TFS will hold a photo contest, create a film with our First Citizens, the school’s top student leaders who represent all TFS students, and hold a round table on democracy.

*Photos taken before the COVID-19 health crisis.