Martin T. – the “Absolute Winner” of the International Economics Olympiad

From July 26 to August 1, high school students from around the world competed in the International Economics Olympiad. Following a week of online challenges, Martin T., a Level IV student at TFS, emerged as the lead scorer among participants from 42 countries, earning him the highly enviable title of “absolute” winner.
He said he was exhausted but happy. Sitting at his computer screen in Toronto, Martin had just experienced an intense week competing on Chinese Standard Time, as the host country of the event. Day and night, he had worked tirelessly on challenges of all kinds, including one per team that lasted 24 hours, and which he described as particularly fun and productive, despite the fact that it left him sleep deprived.

No doubt it was this unique and unforgettable experience that first sprang to mind when he received his award. “Canada is a diverse country and we worked so well as a team; I learned a lot from my classmates, but also from the people I met from all over the world,” he said, speaking remotely, with a photo of a Canada goose as his  background, in a symbolic nod to his country. “You have been able to demonstrate for yourself, your team and, of course, your country everything that is possible in economics education,” said the Mistress of Ceremonies by way of congratulations, counterbalancing the humility with which Martin accepted an award that one might easily forget is in reality for individual achievement.

Indeed, winning this Economics Olympiad represents a personal triumph for Martin. Said University of Ottawa economist Yuri Khoroshilov, team leader of the Canadian delegation, most of the questions and exercises required university-level knowledge and, in the case of the toughest, knowledge equivalent to that of a Ph.D. “Martin is an extremely bright young man. I’m happy to see that the time and effort he put into this Olympiad has paid off. I hope that next year he will consider participating again, even joining the committee and coaching the Canadian team,” added Professor Khoroshilov with enthusiasm.

Only the future will tell whether Martin pursues the path envisioned by his mentor. One thing is certain, though; at this moment, he intends to defend his title next year. “It was the courses I took at TFS that led me to take an interest in socio-economic issues. These issues touch on global matters that fascinate me because the economy is present in all aspects of our daily lives, from the problems of poverty to climate change.”

Already ranked in the top 10 at the Canadian Olympiad in 2021, he explained that his Level IV economics teacher, Ms. Woolard, gave him the courage to aim even higher this year. It was thanks to her that he learned to write concise and coherent analyses. “She organizes enriching class discussions that I really enjoy participating in, and she’s always sharing remarkable insights with us,” he said by way of tribute.

The five-member Canadian team also won the team classification bronze medal in a competition with very close results. TFS warmly congratulates Martin and the Canadian team on these outstanding achievements.