• December

    Creative and musical talent runs deep at the Senior School!

    Earlier this term, music students in Levels II, III, IV and from co-curricular ensembles prepared, practised and produced quality audition videos of their individual solo performances and technical requirements.
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  • Welcome to Greece!

    During this fall’s Greek week, La p’tite école and Junior School students were transported to Greece, a beautiful country rich in history, customs, culture and magical landscapes. These celebrations allow, among other things, an awakening to different cultures. They also bring our community together around a common project and bring life to the school.
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  • November

    TFS’ second annual Marché d’hiver - a winter market is a success

    On Saturday, November 24, TFS hosted its second annual Marché d’hiver - a winter market. This community event featured a wide range of vendors, a food hall, workshops, festive music and so much more. Shoppers enjoyed the bustling winter market where they found the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on their list.
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  • Grade 1 students launch their first web-radio

    Grade 1 students recently launched their first web-radio, “la p’tite radio” with the help of their music teacher, M. Suchon.
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  • TFS Students Take a Stand on Food Waste

    Second Harvest is a non-profit organization that helps distribute food, still in perfect condition but that would have otherwise been wasted, to local food banks around Toronto. On Friday, October 19 our society organized a Casual Day which raised awareness about food waste, both at home and in supermarkets.
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  • Our Students Make Discoveries About Water

    Our Level V students embarked on a journey to discover the forest, and more precisely the river, with their teachers.
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  • Spanish Course Students Celebrate “El día de los Muertos” at TFS

    On November 1st, our Grade 6 and Grade 7 Spanish course students sported bright colours to take part in a typical Mexican celebration: “El día de los Muertos.”
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  • October

    Level II Students Visit Chinatown

    Our Level II students set off to explore Toronto’s Chinatown to practise their Mandarin. Since the beginning of this school year, they have learned new vocabulary words which they can use in everyday life within the Chinese community.
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  • TFS Students at the Stratford festival

    Our Grade 5, 6, and 7 students attended the Stratford Festival with some of their mentor-teachers earlier this month.
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  • Brevet Success

    This past June, our Level II students (now in Level III) were offered the opportunity to sit the exams required to achieve the Diplôme national du brevet, which is granted to students in France upon successful completion of the collège years.
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  • Talking Citizenship with the Deputy Head: October 2018

    Though it’s been nine years since my son Jacob started at TFS, and just over two since he graduated, I’ll never forget the time when he first felt like he belonged. Not knowing anyone at the school before joining in Grade 6, it was by making the TFS hockey team that Jacob began to belong.
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  • Meet Our Students

    TFS has launched a new creative campaign featuring our incredible students who live our motto, individuals who reflect, citizens who act
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  • May

    Celebrating our Graduating Class of 2018 with Our Annual Tradition

    This year, we celebrated our graduating Class of 2018 with our annual Grad Walk. On the morning of May 25, preceded by an official piper, our newest group of alumni wore their academic robes and walked through the Toronto campus.
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  • Surprised guests at special screening of Malala’s documentary

    Twenty-two students and I had the incredible opportunity to attend a special screening of Malala Yousafzai’s documentary, He Named Me Malala, on April 12 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. 
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  • April

    TFS Walks for Water

    Co-sponsored by TFS' Outreach and Eco Councils, on April 18, students, staff and invited guests learned about water  a basic human right – that is lacking for millions of people around the world due to unsafe conditions and/or distance from communities, and took action by simulating the walk for water in our own community. 
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  • TFS’ Senior School Becomes an Art Gallery for Vernissage

    TFS recently turned part of its Senior School into an art gallery for Vernissage. This annual exhibition is put on by our Level V visual arts students and is an essential component of their International Baccalaureate diploma. 
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  • Talking Citizenship with the Deputy Head: April 2018

    Going to school in the 1970s was a different time in many ways. It was the coming of age for numerous social movements that had begun in the 1960s: civil rights, feminism, environmentalism, antiwar, labour, student marches. We were inundated with new ideas and perspectives on how to improve our communities, countries and the planet itself. Unfortunately, that spirit of enlightenment was slow in finding its way into the elementary and high schools of the day when it came to the issue of bullying.
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  • March

    TFS Welcomed Back Alumni To Share Their Expertise

    Many thanks to our 20 alumni who took part in the annual Career Lunch for our Level IV and V students on February 22. This year’s inspiring panel came to speak about their educational and professional experiences, knowing their expertise would add value as our students consider their own next steps.
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  • February

    TFS Teacher Honoured with French Academic Palms Award

    Congratulations to Josette Bouchard, history and geography teacher at TFS, for receiving the Palmes académiques françaises award honouring her career at TFS, as well as her passion for nature and the protection of the environment.
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  • The latest edition of our Entre Nous magazine is here!

    This year, we have delved into citizenship, and the many ways we nurture our students into becoming individuals who reflect, citizens who act – at all ages and stages throughout their TFS educational journey.
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