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At TFS we always say there are no cookie-cutter classes. So whether our students are members of the Class of 2017 or the Class of 2030, we know that each will be unique and that they will most likely be friends for life.

While each brings their own interests and talents to the school, our students will share some common experiences and growth. They will learn teamwork, teambuilding and cooperative behaviour together. Their experiences will teach them how to effectively communicate, understand and respect each other, and bring a discerning mind to their experiences and choices.

They will be academically ambitious, possess a knowledge-seeking spirit and embrace all-round development, eagerly taking on new interests and engagement as citizens of our wider community. They will be keen to hone their international perspective, so that they can see their home and the world through the lens of intercultural competency, and deep linguistic and cultural understanding.

This wonderful journey begins with our Jardin d’éveil French-language program for two-year-olds on our Toronto campus.
    • The best start in life: an exceptional education

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  • Our youngest learners: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1

    Immersed in French, first through songs, games and other language play, these young learners quickly embrace their French educational environment. Academics, arts, athletics and even co-curricular activities are all conducted in French to ensure language acquisition firmly takes hold.

    The Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB), which students follow from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, uses an inquiry-based approach to education that connects students’ learning to the real world.

    Equally important are the life lessons these students are engaged in, through co-operative learning, mentorship sessions, assemblies and actions reflecting the school’s values.
  • The elementary years: Grades 2 through 5

    Starting in Grade 2, students begin lessons in the English language, building on their understanding of language concepts already established through learning French.

    They take on greater citizenship and leadership activities and, starting in Grade 3, can participate in competitive sports.

    In the spring of their Grade 5 year, students form groups to create a unique unit of inquiry. This is the culminating activity of the PYP, called the PYP Exhibition.

    Assisted by staff supervisors, they delegate responsibilities among themselves, research a societal issue, produce a display, create and deliver a presentation to an audience of their parents, peers and teachers, and take action to address the issue on which their topic is based.

    This exciting learning experience asks the students to take on leadership responsibilities, and to be accountable both for their own learning and to their teammates, as they bring all of their critical thinking, research and creative skills to complete the project effectively.
  • Middle School grades: Grades 6 through 9

    Referred to as the collège years in the French national system, these grades mark the transition from the PYP at the end of Grade 5 to the Middle Years Program of the IB (MYP), which includes Grades 6 through 10.

    It also marks the transition of our students into independent learners, whose courses are taught exclusively by specialist teachers.

    Guidance periods increase to assist students with learning skills, such as time management and test taking, along with social emotional learning and support to help ensure their well-being.

    Opportunities to join clubs and get even more involved in school life abound, as do experiential learning, including trips abroad, where students can immerse themselves in different cultures and languages, and take part in local life through exchanges and service components.

    In Grade 9, students begin to prepare for the Personal Project (the MYP’s culminating activity, which takes place in Grade 10) through scaffolded learning and research.

    These activities ensure that students have the knowledge and skills to undertake the various components of the Personal Project the following academic year.
  • The senior students: Grades 10 through 12

    Grade 10 marks the year of the MYP Personal Project. Its purpose is to demonstrate the knowledge, insights and experience they have gained throughout the MYP years. Each student is assigned to a staff advisor, and must choose a topic that will be explored through personal reflection, engagement and action.

    Guidance classes refine their focus on exploring possible post-secondary areas of study, as well as continuing to address the social and emotional needs of students at this age.

    Grades 11 and 12 form the IB Diploma Program (DP) years, during which students pursue learning in six diverse subject areas over two years. They must also fulfill the requirements of the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) program, as well as write the Extended Essay and complete the highly regarded Theory of Knowledge course.

    In these final two grades, each student is assigned to a University Relations counsellor, who works with them in groups and one-on-one to help them determine the best university fit and areas of study. These sessions also include detailed personal support on how to fill out university and scholarship applications, how to write supplementary applications and much more, as they journey down the road to graduation.