All-Round Development

Trips and Exchanges

No matter where our student travellers go, their trips and exchanges will always be a journey

They may indeed visit famous sites, such as monuments, ruins, governmental buildings and palaces, but the purpose of each trip, no matter the length of days or grade of the student, is to craft an experience that will broaden their perspective, impart knowledge and engage them in the life of the community, region or country visited.

Each trip or exchange has, as its larger goal, the intent of helping our students develop as individuals and citizens.

Learning Away From School - And Home

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  • Starting in Grade 3...

    Our student trips get longer and the classes venture farther afield. One of their favourite trips is to the Toronto Zoo.
  • In Grade 4...

    They travel north to Sudbury to explore and experience Nickel City. There, they discover the magnificent northern Ontario environment and explore the labyrinths of the old nickel mine. They also spend several hours at Science North, a renowned science education centre.
  • In Grade 5...

    A fall excursion to Bark Lake Leadership Centre in the Kawartha wilderness region of Ontario involves Grade 5 students in a four-day outdoor education, leadership and team-building experience.
  • By Grade 6...

    Students have the opportunity to take on a five-day winter excursion to Quebec City, filled with customized outdoor experiences, such as the ice toboggan run, visiting the Hotel de Glace, sledding and more.

Crossing Borders, Embracing Challenge

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  • Grade 7...

    Grade 7 trips include an exchange to Switzerland for students at our West Campus, while those at the Toronto campus can travel to an eco-lodge in southern Arizona to learn about the challenges faced in a border region. At the end of the year, Grade 7 students from both TFS campuses can spend a week at an outdoor learning centre in Quebec. There, they have an excellent opportunity to speak French and learn about French Canadian culture while participating in team-building and leadership activities.
  • Grade 8 (Level I)...

    Grade 8 sudents can spend a week in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Always a great experience, the 2017 journey was made even more exciting as students could get involved with activities connected to the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.

Becoming Outward Bound

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  • Grade 8...

    Grade 8 is also when our three-year programming with Outward Bound Canada begins for all students. The renowned organization provides outdoor educational opportunities for personal growth through shared wilderness or urban experiences. A fall hiking trip takes place in Toronto’s own wilderness at the Evergreen Brick Works in the Don Valley ravine, and involves advancing students’ camping skills, team building and leadership activities.
  • Grade 9 (Level II)...

    Students can choose to hike and backpack through Algonquin Park in northern Ontario, or engage in urban wilderness activities at the Evergreen Brick Works and on the Toronto Islands.
  • By Grade 10 (Level III)...

    During the final year of the programming, Grade 10 (Level III) students return to Algonquin Park on a winter excursion, where the program is run as a dog-sledding and snowshoeing expedition. Students work and travel in groups of eight to 10, accompanied by two trained instructors and a team of huskies! If they prefer, students can remain in Toronto and participate in a program run out of the Evergreen Brick Works and on the Toronto Islands.

Stretching Themselves

Some journeys require extra effort. Yet the outcome is to learn more about oneself, deepen intercultural competencies and understanding, and contribute to the life of the people whose homeland you are visiting.

Just imagine the incredible, lifelong impact some of these international trips can have, when our students:

  • help build a school in rural Ecuador;
  • spend time in an Amazonian cloud forest;
  • view magnificent architecture and visit world-renowned museums in Europe;
  • join a family during a homestay in a rural village in Latin America;
  • trek to Machu Picchu before sunrise, to view the magnificence of the site as the sun rises over the mountaintop.